Academic Women : Voicing Narratives of Gendered Experiences (Chapters: 14)

Academic Women : Voicing Narratives of Gendered Experiences (Chapters: 14) - 1 Ed. - London : Bloomsbury Academic , 2023 - 214 pp

from the Table of Contents: Introduction: Gendered Narrative Experiences of Women in Academia; Concepts and Perceptions of Gendered Women's Experiences in Academia; The Caring Coven: Sensing In- And Out-Of-Placeness in Masculinist, Neoliberal Academia; Collective Feminist Resistance and Agitation From Within Australian Universities - Slaying the Dragon; Experience of Bangladeshi Women Academics in a Neoliberal World - Return From Study Abroad; Exploring Black Women Academics' Experiences in English Universities Using Critical Race Theory; Bias against Women Academics in Student Evaluations of Teaching: Tarring and Feathering in Academia; Challenges for Chinese Women Ph.D. Students in the United States of America - The New Foot-binding Cloth; Gender Inequality in the Higher Education Workplace: Demanding a Seat at an Antiquated Table; A Joint Autoethnographic Account of Two Young Women in Academia: On Overcoming Imposter Syndrome; Women in Supramolecular Chemistry– Narratives of Resilience and Community Building in a Gender-Constrained Field; Feminist Online Communities: The Story of the Women in Academia Support Network (WIASN) – a Tale of Resistance and Online Activism; Three Female Academics Discuss Gender Issues and Sustainability: A Water Engineer, a Consumer Psychologist and a Science Educator Walk Into a Bar…;


Women in higher education Women scholars Women college teachers Educational leadership

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