The Oxford Handbook of Expertise and Democratic Politics (Chapters: 24)

The Oxford Handbook of Expertise and Democratic Politics (Chapters: 24) - 1. Ed - Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press , 2023 - xi, 577 pp

from the Table of Contents: Introduction; Trust and Distrust of Scientific Experts and the Challenges of the Democratization of Science; The Third Wave and Populism: Scientific Expertise as a Check and Balance; The Meaning and Significance of Lay Expertise; On the Multiplicity of Lay Expertise: An Empirical and Analytical Overview of Patient Associations’ Achievements and Challenges; The Political Climate and Climate Politics—Expert Knowledge and Democracy; Mistrust of Experts by Populists and Politicians; A Regulatory State of Exception; Experts in Law; Institutions of Expert Judgment: The Production and Use of Objectivity in Public Expertise; Expertise and Complex Organizations; Data and Expertise: Some Unanticipated Outcomes; Experts in the Regulation of Technology and Risk: An Ecological Perspective on Regulatory Science; Expert Power and the Classification of Human Difference; Battle of the Experts: The Strange Career of Meta-Expertise; Gender and Economic Governance Expertise; Field Theory and Expertise: Analytical Approaches and the Question of Autonomy; Addressing the Risk Paradox: Exploring the Demand Requirements around Risk and Uncertainty and the Supply Side Limitations of Calculative Practices; Expertise and the State: From Planning to Future Research; Professional Authority; The Postindustrial Limits of Professionalization; (In)expertise and the Paradox of Therapeutic Governance; The Social Distribution of the Public Recognition of Expertise; Media Metacommentary, Mediatization, and the Instability of Expertise;


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